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"The Only River That Runs Between Two Bookshelves"

Photo credit: Roman Kraft

One of the fascinating things I learned while researching the interwar chapters of LOST IN PARIS (Gallery Books, April 13, 2021) is that the iconic green book boxes that line both sides of the River Seine (where you can buy everything from antique books to kitschy souvenirs) have UNESCO status. The stalls have been there since the mid-nineteenth century. It’s been said that the River Seine is "the only river in the world that runs between two bookshelves.”

Here is a link to a Paris walking tour on YouTube. At about 15:50 minutes mark is the exact spot I imagined when I wrote about Hannah and Marla walking along the Seine next to the green bookstalls. If you want to skip to the part that pertains to LOST IN PARIS, fast forward to 15:50.

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